How To Get Rid Of The Toughest Stains?

Numerous guests, culinary feasts and culinary processes tumultuous attract undoubtedly small accidents that can damage the furniture, decorative accessories and even clothing. In what follows, I would like to present you some tricks that you can use to get rid of food stains and beyond. 1. Candles are amazing accessories, and often, in a moment …


Top 10 Mistakes In Cleaning

Because it is always better to prevent than to repair, find out the most common mistakes we make in cleanliness. You expect that when you clean to get it perfect, right? But if you are in a hurry or you do not have some information out of it all backwards? How many of those who …


What Tools You Need To Make Cleaning Easier And Faster

When you clean, to ease your work, it is imperative to have at hand all necessary utensils. I intend to tell you what are the materials experts recommend us to use them and what cleaning products you can use as an alternative to the market products. 1. Set of microfiber towels Microfiber towels should not …


Impeccable Cleaning Throughout The House For The Holidays

Respect the tradition of centuries and properly welcome the holidays in a hostel for impeccable cleaning! Cutlery and crockery as new Make impression on guests at the table if you apply some tricks that enhance the shine cutlery and dishes. Forks, knives, spoons and trays from alpaca wash easily if you leave them half an …


Natural Solutions For Maintaining The House With Tea

Do not throw used tea bags. We have the best solutions for maintaining the house with natural solutions such as tea. All are exceptional and extremely helpful. In addition, these are eco solutions for replacing house maintenance chemicals. Clean carpets. Gently rub an old carpet (well vacuumed before) with a sponge soaked in green tea. …


Unexpected Uses For Olive Oil In The House

Olive oil is, alongside vinegar, lemon, baking soda, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, an ally in the house. Here are some of the most unexpected uses for olive oil in the house. Unlike in commercial cleaning products, olive oil is natural, do not put your health at risk, it is not toxic and does not cause …

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