4 Surfaces You Should Not Clean With Vinegar

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Vinegar is the perfect product to clean your windows, to get rid of unpleasant odors and beyond, but there are some areas in your home, you do not have to clean using vinegar.

Vinegar is an ingredient that should not miss from any home, not only because of its use in cooking, and its qualities regarding cleanliness. It is perfect for removing stains, odors, cleaning windows and beyond and, moreover, is also cheaper. However, there are some areas that you can not clean using vinegar, because it can destroy the material.

1. Granite and marble countertops

A prime example of this is the granite and marble countertops. Being acid, vinegar is more likely to attack surface of these stone countertops, resulting in the annihilation of gloss. These surfaces can be cleaned with mild detergent, dishwashing liquid and warm water.

2. Natural stone flooring

As in the case of countertops, if you are among those who have natural stone floors, we recommend you avoid cleaning them with vinegar and lemon, a solution often used by many housewives. Also, experts recommend avoiding and ammonia based products.

3. Hardwood flooring

In this case, opinions are divided. There are people who say that they are used to clean wooden floors with vinegar, while, according to a study, others argue that vinegar affects the wood area. Since it is easier to prevent than to repair, we recommend using a special cleaning solution.

4. The iron

If you were tempted to turn to vinegar to clean your iron, we recommend don’t do this. Even if vinegar cleans and freshens, pouring it into the appliance, all you’ll succeed is to destroy the iron components. It is advisable that after each use, empty the machine and clean it according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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