Five Natural Air Fresheners For Your Home

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To get rid of odors, I would like to present five natural air fresheners that I have tried and which will perfume your house in an unexpected way.

Odors from the house are, most often, a serious problem and the products on the market are either too expensive or can not cope, not to mention that could do even more harm than good because they are air chemicals. To get rid of them, I would like to present five natural air fresheners as alternative that will perfume the house with guaranteed effect.


Citrus smell is very fragrant, it is recommended to get rid of the smell or dark moths. If it is combined with cloves or cinnamon sticks, your home will gain a fresh scent. You can stick cloves or cinnamon sticks in orange, because this way the organic compounds are being released. You can put this on a platter, with citrus peel, fresh cut.

Citrus peels are perfect for scenting wardrobe. Put a bag of organza, or bumac in citrus peel, and your clothes will get a fresh scent. Wouldn’t you like that?


Lemon is one of the most commonly used natural products to clean the house. It has a high content of vitamin C and shows antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Including its shells can be used to get rid of smoke from a fireplace or stove, just by hurling a few lemons into the fire. The refrigerator always tends to gain odors, which can get rid of by leaving for several hours a sponge soaked in lemon juice inside. Also, the chopper can be cleaned and it can get a pleasant smell if you rub half a lemon on it.


Lavender is known for its pleasant fragrance. It can be used both as a freshener for rooms, but also to remove food odors and sweat which the clothes have gained in time. In a pot of boiling water, add a few drops of essential oil of lavender and put the clothes above it. This way, the clothes will get soaked with lavender vapor.


Conifers have a peculiar odor that inspires freshness. Bring nature into your home by mixing equal parts of essential oil of pine, eucalyptus and fir distributing solution whenever needed. You can also soak a sponge or a piece of cotton wool in this solution, so you won’t have to vaporize it. Freshly cut some fir twigs that can also be an alternative to your home as air fresheners.


Eucalyptus is the origin of Australia and Tasmania; its leaves have antiseptic properties. Eucalyptus oil has many medicinal uses, as analgesic, antineuralgic, expectorant, antiseptic, but also the fragrance is a good way to get rid of kitchen odors. All you have to do is to drop some peaks on a plate of essential oil of eucalyptus and place it next to a heat source, thus managing to eliminate any odor from you house.

Image Credits: Red Candy/Jamie At Home

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