How To Clean And Maintain Your Mattress

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Our sleep quality is closely linked to that of the mattress, the material of which it is made, and how you maintain it. Thus it is not enough to invest in a good mattress, but how you maintain it too, just to protect your investment.

The first thing you need to do above all is to read the mattress warranty and instructions for use and cleaning, if there any. These will be of great use and will help you avoid potential factors that could damage your mattress.

An important aspect in the care of your mattress lies in its protection using protective drapes. As mattress has multiple layers, the more you create a stronger barrier against moisture, dirt and dust. This is recommended even more because you are among those who have allergies to dust or mites. You can dress both mattress with multiple layers of sheets, or blankets and beds. Protective sheets, fitted with elastic, however, are the easiest to use.

If the mattress is stained, get rid of traces rubbing them with a cloth soaked in warm water. Please note, it is important that it be only wet because excess water does nothing but harm the mattress. It is advisable to clean the mattress at the time of the accident, so you can get rid of stains easier and faster. In case of strong stains, you can remove the mattress with a cloth soaked in baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, considering, however, that hydrogen peroxide can change the color of the mattress.

In the case of medium and low intensity spots, add a few drops of spray water and mild liquid soap. Spray this mixture over the stained areas and wipe with a soft brush. Ventilate the mattress and let it dry.

Last but not least, do not forget to rotate and turn your mattress regularly. In this way, your mattress will not take body shape, so, every few months you consider doing this. Nobody wants a worn out mattress. Also, if you have a portable vacuum cleaner, use it to get rid of accumulated dust.

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