Impeccable Cleaning Throughout The House For The Holidays

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Respect the tradition of centuries and properly welcome the holidays in a hostel for impeccable cleaning!

Cutlery and crockery as new
Make impression on guests at the table if you apply some tricks that enhance the shine cutlery and dishes.

Forks, knives, spoons and trays from alpaca wash easily if you leave them half an hour in sour milk, then rinse with warm water.
Brass objects regains glow with warm beer if you wipe them or rub them with porridge sorrel.
Silverware quickly and thoroughly cleaned if you put it in a vessel of bronze and pour hot water over it.
The kettles become like new if you rub with a soft cloth soaked in an infusion of horsetail.
The knives are sharpened stainless easier if you keep them half an hour in a tall glass full of water where you have dissolved a tablespoon of salt.

Spotless Furniture
Get rid of stains on the furniture when you consider the material it was made.

Water stains on lacquered furniture was removed by rubbing them with oil in which you dissolved fine salt. Let dry, then wipe with a cloth.
Painted wooden furniture is cleaned with soap and water. At rinsing, pour a little vinegar, then polish with a piece of cotton.
Wax the furniture with a cotton wool and rub those little peaks in heated oil. Let it dry overnight, and then polished with wax.
To clean the furniture of any kind, make a solution of equal parts vinegar and oil. Shake the bottle well, and then soak a cloth and polish.

Freshness in the kitchen
Did you fail to give whatever you rub against objects appliances, and any cleaning products you use? Here are some simple tips:

Spray the inside of the oven with hot water, and then sprinkle a thin layer on bottom of baking soda. Sprinkle again with water and leave it to act overnight. Then rub with a scouring pad and rinse.
Easier clean microwave oven when warm discovered a bowl of water for 3-4 minutes. Filed soften fat and just wipe with a sponge.
Freshen the air in the refrigerator if you put on a shelf cut a lemon, a cup of hot milk or a cup of vinegar or a piece of bread soaked in water. Door seals become more resistant if anoint them with glycerin.

Make living room more inviting
It’s the place where guests will be received. Try to make them feel as comfortable as possible!

Put a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of hot water and fill a spray bottle. Vacuum drapes well, then sprinkle them with the solution obtained, without giving them away. Odors disappear like magic.
Grease stains from carpets out immediately if the place in question sprinkle baking soda and rub gently. Leave it to act overnight, and then vacuum. If traces remain, remove them with soap suds.
Quicken carpet with a mixture of 20 drops of pin 250 g of sodium bicarbonate. Apply a thin layer, let it work two hours and vacuum.
Wash with warm water and soap the lampshades to look like new. Rub them gently with a soft cloth or brush, and then leave them aired.
Windows wash thoroughly if you put a little starch in water or alcohol health. Wipe them with a cloth, then with an absorbent paper towel.
Plush armchairs and sofas are cleaned with a mixture of two parts of alcohol and one part ammonia. Remove the powder, and then rubbed in one direction with a cloth soaked in the solution obtained.
Brightens washable wallpaper with a swab soaked in a solution of salt water in which you dissolved.
Malodor in vases which were long gone when you put flowers in the water a copper coin.
Icons are cleaned with a soft piece of flannel soaked in vinegar mixed with oil. After it dries, wipe with a dry cloth.
Porcelain trinkets wash well if you dive in warm water mixed with borax.

A neat bathroom
It is the mirror which is why the house should not be missing from the list of rooms to be cleaned.

Remove the mirror with a cloth dampened with a little glycerin, then rub until all traces disappear. Thus, the mirror will not steam.
Tiles best washed with soap and water that have poured a few drops of ammonia, then rinse with clean water.
For yellowed bathtub effective rub with a solution of turpentine mixed with common salt.

Perfume the house
Freshens home using natural herbal scents! Prepare yourself solution with a fresh fragrance of lavender and citrus. You need a teaspoon of vodka, 15 drops of fragrant lavender oil, 10 drops of grapefruit aroma oil, 500 ml of water. Mix alcohol and oils in an evaporator (using a container in which the solution for window) and stirred vigorously. Add water and mix. Avoid spraying directly on upholstery or wood surfaces.

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