Natural Solutions For Maintaining The House With Tea

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Do not throw used tea bags. We have the best solutions for maintaining the house with natural solutions such as tea. All are exceptional and extremely helpful. In addition, these are eco solutions for replacing house maintenance chemicals.

Clean carpets.
Gently rub an old carpet (well vacuumed before) with a sponge soaked in green tea. Leave it to act 10-15 minutes, then vacuum. Colors will be fresher an old stains will disappear. Persian carpets can be sprinkled with concentrated green tea after vacuum too. You’ll see a remarkable difference.

Clean floors.
Black tea is one of the best solutions for maintaining eco the house. This type of tea is ideal for dark flooring, while green tea version is for light colored wood floors. Tannins in tea give the floors a special shine and it colors the hardwood. Clean the floor with a soft cloth that you soak it in tea. Wipe and let it dry naturally.

Clean furniture.
Prepare a highly concentrated tea of ten bags per cup of water. Let it infuse for about an hour. The resulting solution is very good to clean precious furniture, old varnished with natural layer. The tannins in tea refresh the natural color of the wood; it removes fine scratches and stains of grease very efficiently. Soak a soft cloth in the highly concentrated tea, rub the furniture and then wipe with a soft dry cloth. Of all these solutions for maintaining eco the house this is one of the best.

Clean windows and mirrors.
Concentrated green tea and tea leaves can be used very well to eliminate fingerprints on windows and mirrors. You can rub the glass with a wet bag or clean the windows with a solution of equal parts resulting strong tea and alcohol.

Clean the toilet.
Collect more used bags of green tea and let them all night in the toilet. Leaves can remove stains impossible to clean in the bottom of the toilet bowl. This was the last in the list of solutions for maintaining eco the house, and one of the most effective.

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