Top 10 Mistakes In Cleaning

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Because it is always better to prevent than to repair, find out the most common mistakes we make in cleanliness.

You expect that when you clean to get it perfect, right? But if you are in a hurry or you do not have some information out of it all backwards? How many of those who do cleaning on their own they do know exactly how to do it by the book?

I would like to offer you some tips that you can use anytime successfully. Because it is always better to prevent than to fix, here are the 10 most common mistakes in cleaning:

1. You do cleaning without a plan.

When you have a plan for cleaning everything goes faster and with less effort. Do you do cleaning by the minute or a general one? First of all, everything you will use for cleaning must be together in one place so you won’t make every minute by racing through the house after a solution, a dust cloth or sponge. Then you should know that it begins with the last room and up and down. Do not vacuum the carpet and then perched on the ladder to clean the lampstand or clear the cobwebs. If you define very well how much time do you need and how much you want to do, then you will only have to organize.

2. You do not wait enough for the solutions to take effect.

Haste makes waste goes the saying that is heard most often in cleanliness. If you spray a solution on the stove to remove grease, do not remove it in second two because it hasn’t made its effect yet. In order to not wait in front of the stove, clean the inside of some drawers, for example. We know that is seems very easy on TV ads: a spray here and there and ready, elegant hands of housewives have removed easily with a sponge the whole mess. It would cost too much advertising if it included the time that the solution must need to take effect, right?

3. You do not wash the pillow / blanket.

We sleep on them, read, and eat on them sometimes, but rarely think about them to wash. It’s enough to change the pillowcase? No, it is not. You can find mites in pillows, those microscopic organisms that feed on dead skin cells that we bump all the time. Carpets, mattresses, pillows and the dust from warm rooms are ideal development environment mites. A typical mattress can contain between 10,000 and 100,000 mites. This should be vacuumed with special equipment with high penetrating power. Do not forget the pillows and duvet and wash them by following label directions.

4. You do cleaning without gloves.

Cleaning products attacks the skin, even if they are natural. This is why gloves should not be missing from a cleaning kit. The substances are not only attacking the skin, but go in the body.

5. You wash the windows in direct sunlight.

Heat, sun gives us a touch of good mood that comes with an appetite for washing windows. But it is the worst time. Because of the hot rays of the sun, cleaning solution dries very quickly and it leaves streaks. In addition, it becomes sticky and attracts dust, so wait when it’s overcast or in the evening.

6. You do not peel off the protective tape from windows and doors.

Glazed windows have been installed recently, but the protective tape was not unsticked. Why is that? Some said that they had not removed it because they thought it better protects the window frame, although they acknowledged that is unaesthetic. But in the sun, the glue from the strip enters the pores of the frame and it will not be removed easily. And you do not want to pay a professional cleaning company because you have not taken the time for an ordinary band, right?

7. You spray furniture solutions on surfaces that have not been wiped off the dust.

Again haste makes waste. Before using a product designed for furniture, dusting must be necessary first, otherwise you will only get a dust cocktail with lemon flavor, generously spread over an area seemingly wiped and cleaned. A few minutes later, if you test it with your fingers, you will get a new dust layer.

8. You rub enamelled surfaces with abrasive solutions.

Bathtub, especially acrylic or composite, will have traces for life if it was removed with abrasive solution, which indeed remove the dirt yet will take out the luster too!

9. You also use inappropriate tools in cleaning.

Kitchen sponge is not good for washing the sink in the bathroom. The duster is not good for LCD TV or laptop screen too. The towel is used to clean the oven but not the refrigerator too. It is good to have in the house multiple tools, such as microfibre cloths, rags and regular and special cloths for screens. However they have to be thoroughly washed after use and discarded if necessary and we are thinking here of kitchen sponges that absorb a lot of bacteria. Some 20 million. So do not be afraid to get rid of them!

10. You do not read the product labels.

Whether is wrote too little, whether they have complicated terms, a lot of people do not read cleaning solutions labels. For example, an oven. How to clean? You can find the information in the book that accompanies the oven. Reading the information provided by manufacturers is essential. Take them into account!

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