Unexpected Uses For Olive Oil In The House

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Olive oil is, alongside vinegar, lemon, baking soda, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, an ally in the house.

Here are some of the most unexpected uses for olive oil in the house.

Unlike in commercial cleaning products, olive oil is natural, do not put your health at risk, it is not toxic and does not cause allergies, so it is ideal to use it for cleaning and beyond.

The list of uses for olive oil in the house, polishing the furniture is at the top. Olive oil will not only perfect all the furniture polish, but has a strong anti-static, this product creating a protective layer. Make a mixture of olive oil and water (three parts water, one part oil), shake well, and to give an emulsion with a cotton towels wipe highly mobile, focusing on places with stains. Then wipe with dry cloth the furniture and you will notice that it will remain clean and bright.

Usefulness for olive oil at home is obvious when it comes to flooring. Mix equal amount of olive oil, lemon juice and lemon essential oil and wipe the floor with a soft cloth soaked in this solution. Olive oil utility supports effectively the appearance in the home.

Olive oil can be used for everything in the kitchen to give stainless steel shine objects.

Among other unexpected uses of olive oil for the house include its ability to clean leather sofa and chairs, office chairs and clothes made of leather that have lost the brilliance. Wipe the clean leather with olive oil, then polish it.

Houseplants also have won from the effects of olive oil. Mix three tablespoons of olive oil with a little warm water in a spray bottle. Drizzle the leaves then wipe them with a soft, dry cotton cloth. The leaves will stay bright and be able to breathe freely.

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