Clean A Fabric Lampshade In 11 steps!

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A fabric lampshade is an element that provides a touch of elegance to any luminaire. But over time, the material it is made of tends to accumulate an impressive amount of dust. To be able to successfully clean a fabric lampshade, here are some steps to follow in!

Textile lampshades are available in a variety of designs and styles of production. Some of them have fabric glued onto a plastic surface. Others are sewn on wire racks.

For cleaning of a fabric lampshade, it is recommended to take into account the way in which it is made, but also any accessories (sensitive stitches applications in the form of beads, etc.) which might be damaged. The best way to avoid an unwanted incident is thus to take them off before initiating the cleaning process.

Here are some steps to follow in safely clean a fabric lampshade, with optimal results.

In a first phase, gather all the elements that you will need to start the cleaning process. So, will you need a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner brush (optional), a hairdryer, a soft cloth and mild detergent dish (optional).

Next, make sure you take out the bulb of the lampshade you want to clean it. If it is necessary, wait until the light was completely cooled to plunge.

Use a soft brush to remove dust from the surface of the fabric. Arm yourself with patience and be more painstaking because dust removal needs to be efficient.

In case of a large fabric lampshade, it can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner. Use the brush to move it and then vacuum a larger quantity of dust.

The next step involves using hair dryer. Set it to a cold air function and set the air stream on the fabric. In this way, make sure you remove remaining traces of dust from any harder to clean areas (such as the seams).

Soak a soft cloth in clean water and clean the inside of the plastic lampshade. Usually, water will not be combined with any cleaning agent to effectively sanitize plastic surface, but if too much dust has accumulated inside, add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid detergent in the water container.

Avoid using water on the fabric of the shade (you are allowed only if it is made by a holder). In case the fabric is glued to the surface of plastic, glue might damage on contact with water.

Rinse plastic holder with clean water until you remove all traces of detergent.

Let the fabric lampshade to dry by itself completely before reinstalling it.
Wipe using a soft any dust on the surface of the bulb and adjacent elements.

Finally, reassembles the luminaire.

Image Credits: Lampshade Cleaning , Clean Your Lampshade

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