Five Incredible Uses Of Sugar In Your Home

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In a time when more people are trying to quit sugar and to remove it completely from their lives, there are several reasons which you should consider because they are handy. It proves to be useful in many cases, right in your home. Here are some unusual ways to use sugar.

1. Keeping fresh the cut flowers

Surely, you know this trick to keep cut flowers fresh longer. To enjoy more time with them, all you have to do is to insert in the flowers a mixture of three tablespoons of sugar, two of vinegar and warm water. Sugar will feed the stalks, while the vinegar will prevent the formation of bacteria.

2. As a trap for flies and wasps

During the summer, flies and wasps constitute a serious problem. To get rid of them, performs a mixture of two parts sugar and water and put it to boil. After the mixture has boiled, let it cool and pour it into a large jar. Place your jar on a windowsill to attract unwanted insects.

3. Remove grass stains

Grass stains are no longer a problem; to get rid of them, form a thick paste and sugar in warm water and apply it on stained surfaces. Leave the mixture to act an hour or two, and then wash the area.

4. Clean the grinder

Often, cleaning the grinder is a hassle. To remove debris of spice or coffee, pour a quarter cup of sugar and grind it inside a few minutes. All excess oils, formed over time, will be removed. After you threw out the sugar, clean with a cloth inside the grinder.

5. Get rid of plants’ worms in the garden

If you find that the roots of garden plants seem more prominent than usual, it is likely that they are attacked by worms. To get rid of them, sprinkle some sugar on plant roots and the soil around them that will help microorganisms to reproduce and create a hostile environment for parasites worms.

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