How to Clean Your Home Air Filters With Natural Solutions

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Air filters are almost always dirty, and it’s by design. The purpose of an air filter is to collect all of the dirt, dust, and debris. The air filter in your home is meant to clean the air as it passes through, making the air you breathe cleaner.

It stands to reason with anything designed to collect dust, dirt, and impurities – it might need to be cleaned occasionally. If it’s not cleaned occasionally, it can’t do the job it’s designed to do.

Air forced through a dirty air filter can release dust and dirt into the home that has accumulated for weeks or even months. A dirty filter can also clog, reduce air flow, and contaminate the air.

Vacuum the Filter and Filter Encasement Area

Before you take the filter out of the unit, vacuum around the encasement area. Now when you take the filter out you are not stirring up and pushing dust around.

Take out the filter and vacuum inside and around the filter area. This way when you put the filter back in the unit, it won’t attract dust and dirt right off the bat! And a clean furnace will run more efficiently.

Vacuum both the front and back sides of the filter using the upholstery attachment for the vacuum.

Removing Heavy Duty Grime from the Air Filters

If your filter is super dirty and clogged with pet hair, grease, smoke residue, etc. you can do the following:

In a bowl mix one drop of mild liquid dish soap to 2 cups of warm water. Mix with your fingers.

Take a soapy cloth and clean both sides of the filter. Rinse the filter thoroughly and shake it a bit to get most of the water off.

Set aside and allow the filter to dry completely before replacing. Give it a little shake or two while drying to get water out of the corners of the filter.

Remember the cleaner your filter, the more efficient the product using it will run. I hope we’ve given you some good tips to help keep your home cleaner.

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