How To Start And Deal With Cleaning Up For Holidays

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How to start? How do you deal with this stage when we do not get much help and we are already pressed by time?

Because we have available just two weeks, the most appropriate thing is to take big things in the house to cleaning: carpets, linens, duvets etc. We will get rid of washing the carpets because it is such a huge task. Each family member must deal in the weekend that follows, into their own room. Start with emptying the wardrobes. They must be wiped with a specific solution made of vinegar and water and then ventilated.

It is advisable to sort, with this occasion, the clothes from them. So evacuate clothing items that you no longer used for a long time and those that are old. I’m sure you will find many people who will need them. And giving that are holidays, even better, what a better moment to bring joy to those in need.

This process should be done also in the kitchen, living room, closet, bathroom and balcony. Cleanliness must begin starting from up continuing with the bottom.

Because the living room and kitchen are the rooms where we spend a lot of time here appears most trouble: magazines forgotten on shelves, bags and leaflets gathered from the last shopping, CDs, stains on chairs and sofas.

Get rid of what you no longer need, the cobwebs hidden under furniture; empty the windows and cupboards by wiping them with suitable solutions such as natural ones. It is important to have as much room for Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree etc.

At this time of the year you will use a lot the pantry. So, before going into the kitchen, you can “solve” the room mentioned above. On this occasion you will do even more space by dropping the items that you no longer need!

In the kitchen you will have more work. For this reason it is advisable to take care of it yourself. Empty the refrigerator of food, wash it and dispose of products with expired validity periods. Do not forget the many drawers of kitchen furniture, furnace from the stove, dishes, pots and services. Only after cleaning the washing mentioned we can move on wall and floor tiles.

Very important is also the hallway! In no case you should leave dirty shoes and clothes … or clothes over clothes in the hallway. Keep only the items that you really need in this time and try to hide the rest even for a few days.

For window washing, it is best to choose a day as close to Christmas. If you clean them ahead of time and you have the misfortune to rain after, the action was done in vain.

Remember, in the Christmas Eve you may wipe easily the dust and drain every single room! Rock on cleaning before the holidays!

Image Credits: Make Your Holidays Merry with These Holiday Cleaning Tips

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