Useful Advice And 8 Tips To Clean The House For The Winter Holidays

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Christmas cleanliness is not a mere necessity, but part of the traditional ritual that you are ready to encounter as befits the winter holidays. For a flawless result, you need a smart strategy by which to transform this into a pleasant experience. Here are some useful tips to help you take out the mission.

Before you plunge right into it, energize yourself and improve your mood with a positive atmosphere. Your favorite music is a quick and accessible way to do this, it being able to spark your enthusiasm and zest for cleaning. When you’re ready to go, follow these steps:

1. Organize Yourself

The rush from one side to the other side of the house will get you tired beyond measure and it will prolong unnecessarily cleaning session. Establish the order of cleaning to take care and to not grab many things at the same time. Organizing is an essential and effective step of your strategy.

2. Prepare the working area

Open all blinds, curtains, windows, and doors to allow fresh air into the room. If natural light is not sufficient, ignite any source of illuminating to not miss any corner of the perimeter.

3. Clear the room

Bring out all the pieces of furniture such as the table, chairs, cabinets, and chairs and let them in the hall until you finish cleaning up. Put small objects in separate boxes, so you have everything in one place.

4. Remove the dirt

Once you get the room free, you may sweep or vacuum the dust and dirt under the furniture. Let the dust particles to leave the room, and then remove with a clean brush the cobwebs from the surface of the walls. The next step is to clean the floor, tiles or flooring with a clean mop.

5. Sort the things you need

After reintroducing furniture in the room, it is time for sorting things into the ones you will keep and throwing those you no longer need. It would be useful to have a household bag handy, where you can quickly store all those useless items. On this occasion, you can decide on donations for the ones that are needy over Christmas.

6. Clean thoroughly

Clean the shelves of furniture, the table, mirrors, and windows with quality cleaners. Do not forget to disinfect your door handle, one of the dirtiest places in a house. If you have a carpet, revitalize its colors with a dense brush soaked in water with vinegar or other particular product.

7. Restore the order

At this point, you can start putting everything into place. Arrange books and decorative objects in the shelves, clothes in the wardrobe, champagne glasses in the living room furniture, etc. Now is a good time to redecorate the inside, if you feel the need for a new spirit during the holidays.

8. Enjoy the results

Look around and enjoy the impeccable appearance of the house after the effectiveness of your intervention. Find areas you inadvertently have omitted, then throw the trash bag. To enhance the freshness of the room, use a room freshener and place it in a corner of a bag of dried lavender.

Useful advice:

– Do not take breaks longer than 10-15 minutes: you risk losing your concentration and prolong indefinitely the conclusion of cleanliness
– Equip yourself properly: comfortable and disposable clothes, efficient utensils, and gloves
– Time keep yourself: assign a precise time of each room and try to meet the deadline.

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