DIY: Natural & Homemade Cleaning Solutions

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Are you tired of seeing your house filled with commercially available cleaners? You know that they are full of toxic substances that can cause respiratory, digestive, poisoning problems, especially among children and want to give them up?

Nothing easier! Natural and homemade cleaning solutions are the answer! Most of these natural products are based on three ingredients found in any home: vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.

1. Solutions for stain removal

To achieve a bleach, mix half a cup of lemon juice with a liter of hot water. This natural solution to whiten clothes works very well and it will successfully remove all the stains.

Another homemade product that works great as a stain remover you have never thought of is baby powder. Powder applied directly to the stain will miraculously make it disappear.

To remove perspiration stains, you can mix 2 crushed aspirins with 1/2 cup warm water. Allow clothing to get soaked in this natural preparation for a few hours or until you notice the traces of yellowed has disappeared, and then you can wash normally.

2. Solutions that replace fabric softener

The first alternative is vinegar. Laundry remains soft and smooth and not full of chemicals.

The second method consists in throwing a ball of aluminum foil through clothes. Aluminum withstands heat so you can use this ball up to 6 months. This ball will leave clothes soft and antistatic.

3. Solutions for the kitchen and bath cleaning

All of these natural products are based on sodium bicarbonate. To clean the bathtub, sink and toilet bowl you can use 4 tablespoons of baking soda with salt. If you fear that you will scratch it, choose a finer salt.

You can combine baking soda and vinegar (or lemon juice). Put this mixture on a cloth and clean. Finally, you can add different essential oils. I recommend eucalyptus oil or the lavender oil.

After you make lemonade, do not throw lemon peels but use them for a shinier sink. If you add these shells over salt or baking soda, you can get a disinfectant.

4. Carpet Cleaner Solutions

Carpet cleaning method is by using natural homemade vinegar water. Spray on and wipe the carpet in places that you feel dirtier. Stains can be difficult to remove so combine vinegar with salt.

To remove the bad odor from carpets apply baking soda. It spans the entire surface at night and you can leave it to act until morning. It will smell incredible.

Image Credits: 9 Homemade Cleaning Products

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