How To Get Rid Of Ants For A Healthy Garden

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Ants are less damaging to plants in the garden, but they have a habit that makes them dangerous for gardens. Let’s see how to get rid of ants to have a healthy garden.

The relationship of the ants with the aphids

Ants are a very interesting concern for the world of insects, that of farmers! More specifically, ants protect colonies of aphids and even transport them to other plants, setting up other colonies. An ants-protected colony of ants can no longer be attacked by predators. For example, the beloveds, the greatest enemies of aphids, will be chased away or even killed by ants. The ants’ reward for the services they provide are sweet, excreted aphids.

How we get rid of ants naturally

With baking powder. Place a mixture of powdered sugar and baking powder in a 400 or 800 ml jar. Punch the lid with a nail and place the jar around the bush. The ants will carry the sugar into the nest, the ingestion of the baking powder being fatal.

By frequent irrigation. If you frequently flood the ants’ nest, you will cause them to change their home. Watch their migration and orient them out of the greenhouse, the sun or the garden.

With soap-based insecticide, with which the nest and ants trails are sprinkled.

With moldy leaves. Put moldy lice on the ants’ route.

Black pepper. Ants will leave willingly if you sprinkle the places they patrol with freshly ground black pepper.

Boiled water. When nothing else works, repeatedly pour boiling water over the moss, until the colony is exterminated.

How we get rid of ants chemically

With mineral oil. Pour into the nests. It is preferable to remove the most soaked oil with a shovel after the ants have disappeared.

Quicklime. Place some lime grains at the entrance of the moss and pour cold water. Handle the cousin with gloves with great care!

Gasoline. At the entrance of the mound lay a sponge with gasoline, over which place a bucket with your mouth down. The ants will be asphyxiated quickly.

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