How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites Without Chemicals

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Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that live all over your house, including on pillows, toys, linens, furniture, blankets, and elsewhere. Despite how small they are, dust mites leave lots of droppings, and these droppings can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions. It’s not possible to completely eliminate dust mites from your home, but there are steps you can if you don’t know how to get rid of dust mites.

Create an Anti-Dust Mite Environment

Reduce humidity levels in the house. Dust mites love high humidity. The easiest way to decrease the humidity in your house is with a dehumidifier. You can also decrease the humidity by opening windows on dry days. Always use fans and vents when cooking, showering, and other activities that create steam. By reducing the humidity in your house, you can create an environment that’s not ideal for dust mites, and you will slow down how quickly they reproduce. Install a hygrometer to keep an eye on the humidity, and keep the level below 50 percent.

Turn down the temperature. Dust mites also love high temperatures. The ideal temperature for them is between 75 and 80 F (24 and 27 C). In winter, set your thermostat to 70 F (21 C), and even cooler in the bedroom if that’s comfortable. In summer, use fans, windows, and air conditioning when necessary to keep your house cooler.

Spray your home with a disinfecting spray. Disinfectants like Lysol are ideal for killing dust mites and will make your home inhospitable to them. After your regular dusting, spray the disinfecting spray everywhere that dust tends to collect, including:
Near furniture

Use eucalyptus. Certain essential oils, and eucalyptus specifically, are effective at killing dust mites. There are a few ways you can use eucalyptus around the house to make your home unfriendly for dust mites, including:
Add 20 drops of eucalyptus oil to your washing machine, especially when you’re using a cold or warm water setting.
Pour about 30 drops of eucalyptus oil into a spray bottle and fill the bottle with water. Use the spray around the house, including on your bed, furniture, pillows, toys, carpets, and other areas where dust mites live.

Image Credits: Health Line


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