How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Once And For All

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Head lice infestations are a common problem for school-age kids, who spread them to one another in the classroom. Lice eggs are unhealthy, but with diligence, you can learn how to get rid of lice eggs for good after a week or two from your home starting today.

Comb out the lice with a nit comb.

This step helps to hasten the treatment process if you’re using a pediculicide, but you can also get rid of lice eggs using a nit comb alone. Nit combs are handy tools that are specially designed to pull out nits (eggs) and dead lice as they are combed through the hair.

Divide the hair into sections. Starting at the scalp, pull the comb from the roots to the end of a section of hair.
Swish the comb around in a bowl of warm, soapy water. This will kill the lice and their eggs; they die quickly without a source of food. Continue combing each section of hair until all the hair has been combed.
Sanitize the comb by putting it in a dish of very hot water after every use. Lice and their eggs die when exposed to temperatures of 128 °F (53 °C) for 5 minutes or longer.

Wash the person’s clothes and bedding.

After this initial treatment, wash all clothes, sheets, pillowcases, stuffed animals, and any other fabrics the person has come into contact with in very hot water, then run them through a hot dryer. While lice don’t live very long once they jump off a person’s head, it’s still important to wash everything so you can be extra sure someone else in the family won’t get lice. For items that can’t be soaked in hot water, like hairbrushes and hair accessories, place them in plastic bags for at least two weeks. The lice will die without air and food.

Use an oil treatment to help the process move more quickly.

Whether you used a pediculicide or not, there are natural substances that repel and kill lice. If you’re sensitive to chemicals, it’s definitely worth trying this oil treatment to help naturally combat the lice.

Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil or warm 1/2 cup of neem oil and massage it into the hair and scalp. Both oils have antibiotic properties. Use the nit comb to work through the oil-treated hair. The lice eggs should come out much more easily.

Try an apple cider vinegar treatment.

This is another cheap, effective way to loosen the nits. Mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, and pour it over the person’s hair and scalp. Use the nit comb on the hair; you should find them easier to remove.

Use an essential oil spray.

Certain essential oils repel lice eggs and cause the nits to loosen more easily. Fill a spray bottle with 5 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of water. Try one or more of the following:
– Tea tree oil
– Lavender
– Oregano
– Peppermint
– Thyme
– Eucalyptus

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