How To Get Rid Of Ants With A Natural Repellent Spray

Learn in this article how to get rid of ants with a natural repellent spray. This is a preparation that you can do at home and is effective in the long run.

This natural anti-ants repellent spray will help you in the unpleasant moment when small insects invade your home. It is natural and does not harm the environment or the small ones.

Ants are small invaders who never ask for permission to enter someone’s home.

They are well-trained and always have scouts who go to see the right place where the colony could be.

They do not hurt you, but nobody likes to wake up with insects all over the kitchen.

A natural repellent spray is a right choice especially if you have small children and animals.

Essential oils run the invaders and even kill them.

Anti=ants spray that is a natural repellent spray

– 30 drops of essential mint oil

– 10 drops of essential oil of cloves

– 15 drops of essential oil of orange

– 1/2 cup of white vinegar

– 1/2 cup of water.

Mix all ingredients in a spray container. Mix thoroughly before use.

Natural Spray Against Ants – How it Works

Essential oils run insects, their odor stops them from the first odors they were attracted to.

Some pesticides destroy exoskeleton of ants, as well as certain components of essential oils.

The eugenol in the mint oil is repellent for the ants.

The d-limonene substance in essential orange oil and critics, in general, is toxic to ants.

Vinegar has multiple uses in the household and not only. It is also an effective repellent for these insects.

Ants run away from the smell of vinegar that traps the pheromones.

There are people who sprayed vinegar directly on ants, and they died.

You can use these natural methods of exterminating insect pests and outside the house if you have any problems.

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