How To Get Rid Of Fleas In The House – Simple And Effective Tricks

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Many people are confronted with the flea problem that invades their homes. In the hot season, they can easily get into your home even if you do not have pets. You can easily have them on your clothes or they could enter the yard house. Here’s what you need to do if you’re dealing with the flea problem in your home. Learn how to get rid of fleas in the house.

Do you have pets? Get rid of their fleas

If you have pets, the first measure you need to take is to wipe them off. In cabinets and veterinary pharmacies you can find special solutions to apply them on the neck of the animals.

You can also solve them with special shampoos against fleas.

If you have a puppy that you are out on or a cat that loves to walk through the yard, it is advisable to wear an anti-flea collar in the warm season.

Vacuum the whole home

Vacuum the entire home, including the chairs, chairs, sofa, and bed. After suction, it is advisable to undo the vacuum cleaner, so the fleas do not escape again.

Washes carpets, carpets and bed linen

Once you find that you have trouble with the fleas, wash all the bed linen at higher temperatures.

The fleas place their eggs on carpets and carpets. You have to take them out to wash them very well. If you do not have a yard you can take the carpets to a washing-up center. Many of the laundry facilities also offer this facility.

Vacuum again and use a steam mop

After removing the carpets and carpets from the house, it sucks home again, very well, especially in the corners and cracks. Then wash the floor with a steam mop.

Apply anti-flea solutions

After sucking and cleaning the house, apply anti-flea solutions. You can find them in specialty shops as spray. Before applying the spray, close the windows and leave the animals and children in the home. Apply the solution starting with the room where you saw them and ending with the rest of the rooms. Let the home closed for at least two hours, then blows the house very well.

Are you living at a countryside? Get rid of the fleas that can come back to your house again

If you stay in the yard, the chances of the fleas getting into the house again are very high. Sprinkle the yard with insecticides and do not let the grass grow big. The fleas love to stay hidden. If you cut short grass, they will look for other hiding places and leave the courtyard of your house.

Image Credits: Pets WebMD


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