How To Get Rid Of Flies With Natural Solutions

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Get rid of flies by using natural solutions that do not harm the environment and family members, including pets. Flies are also a danger to health, especially as they can transmit many diseases. Now that the weather has warmed up, there are also the unpleasant flies that overwhelm your territory. To get rid of them and not to endanger family and pet health, we suggest that you use natural remedies. Thus, learn in this article how to get rid of flies with natural solutions.

These natural solutions can be prepared at home, from the ingredients you already have, for sure.

How to get rid of flies with natural solutions

Flies do not support lavender, so you can put candles or plants in the room to get rid of flies.

Cucumber is considered repellent by flies. Cut cucumber in slices and place them in the room.

Get rid of flies, but also of other insects, using aromatic herbs like mint or basil. You can put more plants in the house or you can use their leaves.

Take a trap to get rid of flies of 1-2 tablespoons honey, water and liquid soap. Mix them and pour them into a bottle.

You can cut the top of the bottle and put it back on the other side. Flies will come in, but they will not go out.

Flies do not like camphor. Use camphor oil or tablets that you put on a warm surface.

This method is not recommended for pregnant women.

Eucalyptus oil still flies. Dilute it with water and spraying through dwelling at strategic points.

Put 1-2 drops of vinegar on the hot stove of the cooker. Flies do not like the smell, so they will need to leave the premises.

Bass oil is another ingredient they run off. You can dilute or use it as it drips in different areas.

Flies fly away from plants such as basil, lavender, laurel, mint, marigold, wormwood.

Get rid of flies and with the help of wine. Put wine in several containers, add liquid soap. They are attracted to what is fermented and will end up drowned.

Another method is to cut a lemon in half and arrange it with garlic cloves. Put the lemon in the areas where most flies are.

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