How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes – 5 Plants That Repel Them And You Can Grow In Pots

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These mosquito-blooming plants can also be grown in pots. Small insects are kept away from their strong smell. Thus, you will be able to sit back in the evenings in the open air. In addition to unpleasant gossip, the mosquitoes are also responsible for the transmission of many infectious and dangerous diseases – Zika, West Nile, etc. How to get rid of mosquitoes? Well, you can resort to various plants that keep them away from cultivating in the garden or/and pots.

5 plants that blow out mosquitoes and you can also grow in pots

1. Citronella

Many repellent products also contain citronella, so planting it in the garden or pot is ideal. This variant would be better than citronella candles, the latter also having some extra chemicals. The smell of citronella repels the mosquitoes. For a bigger effect, you can break some leaves to crush them, then rub their skin. You can also mix crushed leaves with water and alcohol to make a mosquito solution. Keep for 7 days and shake daily. Use it carefully because it might cause rashes. The plant needs the sun and a well-drained soil. Grow well in larger pots.

2. Melissa officinalis

It is part of the mint family, and its smell is somehow between lemon and mint. It attracts butterflies, bees, but it smells like annoying mosquitoes. You can rub on the skin with a few crushed leaves. Insects will not bother you anymore. You have to know that it is an invasive plant, it tends to multiply and takes a lot of space in the garden. It does not require special care because it grows fast, it multiplies itself, just take care to put water on it.

3. Crusades, plants against mosquitoes

Crusaders have an ingredient that runs mosquitoes – pyrethrum. This ingredient can be found in the composition of many insecticides, but its synthesis form. These plants expel more insects, not just mosquitoes. Plant the beasts at the entrance to the house, in the open air, in the pots on the windows and on the balcony.

4. Basil

This aromatic plant is good, alike, in the kitchen. One more reason to cultivate it in the garden to enjoy it and its taste, but also to rid the insects. Essential oils of basil repel mosquitoes very well. You can plant basil in strategic places in the garden and at the entrance to the house, and just as well in the pots, the dwelling, and the balcony.

5. Mint

Just like basil, you can use fresh mint on teas, lemonades, desserts and other tasty dishes. Mint is a natural insecticide for insects like mosquitoes. It also kills their larvae within 24 hours of exposure to a solution of peppermint oil and water. Plant and mint in your garden, but also in pots to enjoy a summer without the company of insects transmitting dangerous diseases.

Image Credits: Huffington Post


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