5 Tricks Any Housewife Should Use To Clean Effectively The Iron Soleplate

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Cleaning the iron is a problem faced by many housewives. Over time, the iron soleplate will get burnt and become sticky, leaving those traces on your clothes. To prevent this from happening is to clean the iron’s soleplate after every ironing, but this isn’t happening, am I right?
If your iron sole plate is burnt or dirty, you can clean it using one of the following solutions. Personally, I use the toothpaste solution because it is very handy for me, but I also tried the others and are extremely effective, too.

1. Toothpaste
The iron mustn’t be hot. After it has cooled, apply toothpaste on its sole.
Use a sponge, cloth, cleansing disc, and rub the dirty spot.
You will see how dirt will be easily removed from metal / ceramics, etc.

2. Vinegar
Wipe the sole of the iron with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Rub it gently until the burning disappears.
Don’t use salt if the sole is too hot, but mix vinegar with some baking soda or fine salt.
Optionally, a few drops of lemon juice can be added.

3. Salt
Sprinkle salt on a cloth or baking paper, and with the hot iron, start ironing the salt.
Be careful not to scratch the sole of the iron. Once it has been cleaned and cooled, wipe the soleplate with a clean cloth.

4. Hydrogen peroxide
And hydrogen peroxide can be helpful if you want to clean the soleplate.
You can soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide, and then start ironing until the soleplate is cleaned.

5. Dishwashing detergent
Prepare a mixture of water and some dishwashing detergent, and rub the dirty soleplate of the iron.
For holes you can use ear sticks. Finally wipe with a clean cloth.
These are some methods for cleaning dirty and stained iron.

Image Credits: Lazygirldesign

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