Homemade Window Cleaner – How To Make Your Windows Shine Again

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If you are tired to inhale chemical vapors from all those cleaning solutions, like I am, then you should probably learn how to prepare your own window cleaning solution, to effectively clean your windows, mirrors, and other glass objects in your house, such as the shower.

You need:

– water
– rubbing alcohol
– vinegar

Mix the above ingredients, in equal parts, in a spray bottle, and add 2 drops of dish detergent.
Vinegar has the property to clean salt deposits, alcohol will degrease, and the combination between these 2 ingredients will clean any glass piece.

Use a microfiber cloth
Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it for kitchen cabinets, shower, mirrors in the bedroom and the bathroom. But use a microfiber cloth that will make the window shine, leaving no lint on it.
With such a cloth, you will clean any type of glass much more quickly and easily, no matter how dirty it is. And remember that it’s much easier to clean the windows when it’s slightly cloudy outside!

Image Credits: Mommypotamus

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