How To Clean Rusted Cutlery

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Cutlery and scissors made of iron alloys are also rusting due to moisture if they are not wiped and cleaned immediately after use. Here are some solutions to clean the rust and have bright cutlery.

The quickest solution to clean the rust

You need:
– vinegar
– wire sponge

How to proceed?
Keep rusty knives or scissors for at least 15 minutes in vinegar, and then clean thoroughly with the wire sponge. After a few seconds, the knives will be like new. Be careful to use a high quality, soft, wire sponge that won’t scratch the cutlery.

How to clean rust with salt and lemon

The salt is slightly abrasive and cleans many spots, including small rust stains, if it’s used in combination with an acid. You can use a slice of lemon or a sponge harshly dipped in vinegar.

The acidity from lemon gives back the gloss of metal. Then you can polish the knives or scissors with a soft wire sponge that polishes and rebuilds the sharp or rusted blade.

The aluminum foil is helpful

If the rust stains are not deep and stretched, you can rub the scissors or knives, after holding them in vinegar, with an aluminum ball. This is softer and doesn’t scratch the cutlery at all. It cleans perfectly the rust, if the blades are not badly damaged.

Finally, to make the scissors cut as well as they did at first, fold a piece of aluminum and cut it in multiple places. Aluminum has the property to clean the scissor blades and it will cut back the paper or fabrics as well as the beginning.

The same solutions can be applied to cutters, quilts, and even the metal rust that has rusted somewhere.

Image Credits: Chaoticallycreative

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