How To Clean The Keyboard With Natural Solutions

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Dust is a great enemy for the keyboard and, also, it’s very hard to remove. In addition to it, finger fat, coffee stains, salt or sugar collects on the keyboard along with dust. No matter how you try to keep the keyboard clean, it gets dirty in a few days. But here’s how you can clean it quickly without buying expensive special solutions.

Use toothpicks and a hairdryer
Be careful to remove keyboard from the computer while you’re cleaning it.
Clean the dirt between the keys with thin toothpicks. With them you will be able to remove crumbs and deposits of dust and grease.

After cleaning around each key, use a hair dryer set on cool air to blow away the traces of dirt.

Water and vinegar to degrease the computer keyboard

Many users use alcohol to degrease the keyboard. But alcohol can attack the paint on the keys.
It is safer and cheaper to clean them with a solution of water and vinegar.
Use a microfiber cloth, soak it in water and vinegar and squeeze it well. Then, put the microfiber cloth on a knife blade, and clean well between the keys all grease and dirt stains.

Image Credits: Digitaledge

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