How To Clean Those Dirty White Sneakers

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Sneakers are very comfortable and can be worn to casual and sport outfit. On the other hand, this type of footwear is also fashionable, looking good on anyone’s feet. And yet, your white sneakers that spot your impeccable bronze are not as appealing when they get dirty. Fabric is very demanding when it comes to footwear, so you need some tricks to clean it without damaging it.

For the beginning, you need:

– soap
– a toothbrush
– toothpaste
– a bowl with hot water

USEFUL TIPS! Don’t wash the sneakers with hot water, as the rubber sole may deform due to a very high temperature. Most appropriate is to moisten your shoes in cold water.

– The first step bring back white to your sneakers is to eliminate excess dirt using the toothbrush and soap. Don’t apply soap directly over the shoes just use the toothbrush to apply it, and rub gently with circular movements.

– Then, start to brush a bit roughly the fabric, and then rinse under the tap.

– After removing excess dirt, it’s time to make your shoes look like new, using the same toothbrush (which you rinsed before) and repeating the brushing of the canvas surface.

– You still have a little work to do, and your sneakers will be impeccable again! After cleaning them with soap and toothpaste, it’s time to rinse them with abundant water.

– Check if there are any hardened toothpaste stains, and insist until you remove them completely. Okay, now your sports shoes are ready to be worn out!

– Considering that cloth – especially the white one – is a more demanding material, you should also take into account some other tips for drying footwear. Although you were tempted to put them in the sun, to speed up the process, our recommendation is not to do it. The sun can cause the cloth to dry unevenly, favoring the appearance of yellow spots.

– It is best to let your shoes dry in the house at room temperature, even if it lasts longer.

Image Credits: Reddit

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