How To Clean Those Yacky Coffee And Black Tea Stains From Cups And Mugs

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Those coffee stains on the porcelain mugs or cups makes us throwing our favorite cup instead of cleaning. Sometimes looks impossible to clean up the stain from a cup of if you use the regular dish detergent – and important fact to see that chemicals are not so effective.

Coffee or black tea stains porcelain and ceramics, and I will present you some natural solutions to clean those disgusting stains from your coffee mugs or cups.

Vinegar and beer to clean the porcelain

Typically, coffee stains persist if there are limescale deposits on the bottom of the cups or if there are fine cracks in the porcelain.

You need to use two acid solutions that can clean the pottery or porcelain in depth.
Vinegar is the very handy, but beer is so.

How to proceed?
Fill the coffee cups either with white vinegar or with beer and wait for about 2-3 hours. The acid will act and dissolve the limescale from mugs, removing the coffee or tea stains.

Baking soda cleans coffee grounds
If the brown stains are not very old, but they are hard to remove only with dish detergent, polish them with baking soda. This method will dissolve the brown deposits and it will leave porcelain or ceramics as white and bright as they were at the beginning.

Image Credits: Almosttherealthing

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