How To Clean Wool Carpets And Rugs Without Damaging The Fiber

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Carpets and woolen rugs are very resistant and last longer than any other textile carpet. Even if they are more expensive, because quality requires a big amount of money, you will appreciate a natural fiber carpet, compared to synthetic fibers, which will deteriorate faster over time.

Wool carpets can absorb a lot of dust and sand, but the dirt is harder to see through the thick and fluffy carpet fibers. You have to make it a habit in vacuuming wool rugs weekly, even if they seem clean. In fact, they hide impressive amounts of dust that rises in the air.

Chemical cleaning at home

Beware of using a bleach, chlorine or peroxide detergent even if you have a light colored carpet. Chlorine not only bleaches alarmingly quickly but simply dissolves the wool, and in time holes will form in the places where you formed it.

Beware of non-foamed detergents to clean carpets. They usually have a high alkalinity that destroys natural wool-fiber.

It’s best to use cold water and a regular liquid detergent, or one especially designed for natural fiber rugs. To get rid of unpleasant smells, after the carpet has dried, sprinkle baking soda powder well and leave it for a few hours to act, and then vacuum the carpet very well.

Image Credits: Apartmenttherapy

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