How To De-Grease Washable Wallpaper Without Ruining It

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Washable wallpaper comes in different shapes and colors, and you can see it on every house wall! But you have to clean it periodically of dust to maintain its cheerful colors. And for that, you should know some tricks in order not to ruin it! Even if it’s fashionable, it requires some special care and attention. I use the below solution for 2 years now, and it never fails me. On the contrary, it removes any trace of dust and grease!

How to clean washable wallpaper

Never use abrasive solutions, chlorine-based detergents or lemon juice on the wallpaper.

Washable wallpaper can be cleaned out of stains, dust or cigarette smoke, as it follows:

– hot water
– dish detergent
– vinegar

So, prepare a solution made from the above ingredients, in equal parts. You should use a soft and white cloth, which you have to squeeze it well and rub every inch of the wallpaper, without insisting at the joints.

Image Credits: Foodnetwork

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