How To Defrost The Windshield In Less Than 60 Seconds

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You already know that vinegar is used in many household chores, and defrosting the windshield of your car, is another task that white vinegar will accomplish.

You should keep in the trunk a spray bottle where you’ve added water and white vinegar in equal proportions. Use this combination especially during the cold season, when the windshield dirt’s with mud and frosts overnight.

Clean the windscreen wipes with vinegar

If the windshield solution which you usually use to wipe the car windows is finished, use a mixture of 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water. With it you can easily clean the dirty and frozen wipers so that they won’t leave any traces on the windshield.

Defrost the windshield in seconds
It’s not advisable to use in the winter hot water, alcohol or salt to defrost the windscreen. Better spray water with vinegar and get rid of ice in seconds. Vinegar will dissolve dirt and will easily defrost the windscreen, making it easier to clean afterwards.

Image Credits: Mom4real

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