Mouthwash – To Remove Onion Smell From Wooden Choppers

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You should keep in mind that wooden choppers are not washed with your usual dish detergent, because those toxic substances will penetrate deep into the wood fiber, especially if it has knife cuts, and then will get into contact with food. I quit long time ago to use these toxic substances, and I start using only natural solutions to disinfect my wooden choppers.

Lemon, salt and baking soda
For superficial meat or vegetable stains, you can use salt and lemon. Sprinkle a generous salt layer onto the wooden shredders, and then rub well with half a lemon. This will clean and remove the stains, and it will also disinfect the wood deep into wood fiber.

For more difficult stains such as blood or red vegetables stains, use baking soda and vinegar. Leave the 2 solutions to act for a few minutes, and then rub vigorously with a sponge and wash thoroughly with hot water. When it’s dry it will look almost like new!

Mouthwash to disinfect wooden choppers
If the wooden choppers smell like onion and garlic is enough to wash/rub them thoroughly with mouthwash. This method will clean and disinfect the wood, and it will remove that strong smell.
At the end, rinse well with plenty of water.

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

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