No More Dirt Or Ugly Stains On Your Textile Upholstery Thanks To These Helpful Natural Solutions

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The sofa, chairs or other textile upholstery should be cleaned at least twice a year in order to keep their original color and to avoid any difficult stains. I know, it may look like a difficult job to remove those stains from your leather upholstery, but using the below remedies, it will be the easiest part of general cleaning.

Textile upholstery stains easily, and dirt on the edges appears even if you clean it daily. Textile upholstery is less resistant and should be cleaned more often, but it has its beauty and elegance. Here are some simple solutions to clean the upholstery to keep it as long as possible.

Use salt mine
Moisten 4 tablespoons of salt mine with water, and then apply the salt with a white cloth over the stained area of the sofa. Then rub gently with a soft clothing brush for a few minutes. Vacuum the sofa to remove the salt from it. The salt mine will accumulate the dust and rejuvenate the colors of the upholstery.

Vinegar for more vivid colors
Diluted a cup of vinegar with 2 liters of water and use this solution to gently rub the textile upholstery after vacuum it well. To be more effective, rub the upholstery with an old curtain piece soaked in water with vinegar. Open the windows wide and let the upholstery dry thoroughly before you sit back on the couch.

Ammonia for difficult stains
Coffee, wine, beer or other tricky spots on the sofa should be cleaned immediately with a solution of water and ammonia. If there are any old stains, you can use some chemical cleaning solutions, especially designed for textile upholstery.

Image Credits: Helloglow

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