The Best Method For Cleaning Enamel Cookware

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High-quality enamel cookware is still used in most kitchens, even if modern teflon, ceramic, or stainless steel cooking utensils have appeared. A frying pan or enamel pot can be made of cast iron or iron, covered with thick and resilient enamel layer that can stain over time with burnt grease or burnt sauces.

The easiest solution to clean the enamel pots

Whether they are made of cast iron or metal, enamel pots and pans are not washed in the dishwashing machine or cleaned with abrasive sponges or cleaning solutions.

They are kept soaked in hot water, where you’ve added baking soda and liquid dish detergent. You must have the patience to let them soak for at least an hour, especially if the fat and sauce stains are old.

After the pot is well soaked in the above solution, you will see that fat deposits are easier to clean. Use a dish brush or a harsh sponge and cleanse all the dirt thoroughly.

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