The Best Solutions To Remove Stains And Dirt From Leather Upholstery Without Chemicals

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Either your sofa has leather upholstery, or your armchairs, or simply you have leather clothes, and they got stained, because accidents may happen, then you clicked on the right article here, to learn how to remove any hard-to-remove stain from it.

Leather upholstery or leather substitutes are very resistant over time, but they can also get easily stained with grease, wine, and so on, or they get that black tint over time. And this requires frequently cleaning!

I use the below so called tricks to clean my leather sofa, which are absolutely fabulous, because it’s the cheap version of any chemical products, and my sofa looks just like new! You should try it, too!

Cold water and liquid soap
Use a simple mix of cold water and liquid soap to wipe off grease or dust stains. It’s important to use a white lint-free cloth, not to impregnate the color in it. After washing the leather upholstery, wipe the water with another soft and dry cloth. It’s recommended that you do this every week when you clean the house.

Lanolin hand cream
I use this hand cream because it’s very moisturizing, leaving my hand soft and young. So, if your sofa is made from natural leather, then you can use lanolin hand cream to “hydrate” it. Leather gets those unsightly cracks over time, and you have to give that “elasticity” to last longer and to keep its original color.

Cleansing milk
For ecological leather upholstery, use cleansing milk because it’s pretty gentle with it. Apply cleansing milk on clean and white cloth, and wipe every inch of the upholstery, insisting on the more used areas. Cleansing milk will clean the dust, water and sweat stains, maintaining the fabric over time.

Image Credits: Chemdrycentral

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