The Cheapest Way To Clean A Rusty Bathtub

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Over the years, any bathtub, no matter how resistant is, it will become yellowish because of the hard water deposits or because of soap and other residues deposits. So, I’m using the below solution to clean my enamel bathtub, and it works like magic.

You need:

– 500 ml white vinegar

All that you have to do is to pour the vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray all over the bathtub. If you can’t stand the smell, just put a mask over your face. Let this solution act for half an hour, and then rinse the bathtub with plenty of lukewarm water.

This is it! No chemicals, no expensive cleaning solutions, just vinegar and the bathtub will shine. You can use the same cleaning trick with the taps, bathroom sink and toilet bowl.

Image Credits: Deconcraft

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