The Easiest And Cheap Way To Remove Wax From Fabrics

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If it happened to you, too, to stain your carpets with wax, like it did to me, then you should learn how to remove it, and not throwing your carpet away.

You need:

– an iron
– paper towels
– baking paper

How to proceed?

Take a slightly sharp object, and use it to remove the hardened layer of wax, but carefully not to ruin your carpet.

Then put over the wax stain a paper towel and over the paper towel, the baking piece of paper. And start ironing the area with the heated iron, of course!

Finally, degrease the area with alcohol

After the paper towel absorbed all the wax from the carpet, and the carpet remained cleaned (otherwise you’ll need to repeat the procedure) it will remain a fat stain, specific to wax. There, dust and dirt will accumulate, and it will be harder to clean, that’s why you should use some rubbing alcohol to clean the area.

Image Credits: Howtocleanthings

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