How To Clean Wool Carpets And Rugs Without Damaging The Fiber

Carpets and woolen rugs are very resistant and last longer than any other textile carpet. Even if they are more expensive, because quality requires a big amount of money, you will appreciate a natural fiber carpet, compared to synthetic fibers, which will deteriorate faster over time. Wool carpets can absorb a lot of dust and …


The Easiest And Cheap Way To Remove Wax From Fabrics

If it happened to you, too, to stain your carpets with wax, like it did to me, then you should learn how to remove it, and not throwing your carpet away. You need: – an iron – paper towels – baking paper How to proceed? Take a slightly sharp object, and use it to remove …


Chemical Free And Homemade Cleaning Solutions For Your Carpet

Cleaning your carpet the right way will lengthen the life of the carpet. So, follow the tips below to clean an maintain your carpets so that they not only last longer, but look great. Vacuuming Your Carpet Vacuum your carpet at least once a week; and preferably twice. The less you vacuum, the more you …

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